Art at the beach

We went on a trip to the beach to draw beach huts, the beach, the church and boats.We also got to have fun and explore the beach.

We were drawing in the style of Michael Foreman’s pictures.The sharks class loved it.

Eva said ” I really enjoyed the beach trip because we got to draw lots of fun picture of what we could see.”



Maths Week

First, we got given £10 by Mr Payne. We had to try  and make as much profit as we could. we decided we would make and sell cakes. we had £1.50 per group. As a group we designed a cake ,to do this we had to work out how much each cake would cost.We came up with 3 designs and did a survey of which cake people  liked the best. After we choose our cake ,we got to make and decorate it,they looked very nice. Finally, it was the big day to sell our delicious cakes. we were surprised to sell all of our cakes in 20 minutes, making a total of £85.  The sharks really loved maths week.


Steam Week

Year 4 had the Borrowers as their topic for steam week. We had to deign and make a house for the tiny little people. We split up in groups and got given a room each to make.  We had to make everything smaller as the borrowers are smaller. we used wood,fabric, carpet and cardboard to make items for the different room. At the end,we put  all the rooms together to make a house. we even had electric in our house. On Friday we put our house on display in the hall so the parents could see what wonderful work we had done.

Maisey said ” we had our moments but overall we had great fun.”


Also in steam week, we had a visit from a mad scientist. Her name was Dr DNA, she can use electric to make people look crazy. Also, she can make electric travel through her own body and when she touched somebody else they would get and electric shock. she tried this experiment on children and teachers, it was really funny. Finally, we got to wear funny glasses, that when you looked at the light it made it rainbow colors.


Lastly in steam week we got to visit EPA school. Hear we made a Lego Ferris wheel.We built the ferries wheel, then we programmed it to spin some children added sound effects.Most of us did not finish so the other class programmed our creations. Overall,we had a lot of fun building our models.




Using the Bar Method for Multiplying

Fantastic work today Sharks, super persistence with the bar method.  Can you describe how it works to someone at home?

  1. If 2 Castles had 18 Towers altogether, how many Towers would 1 Castle have?____

How many towers would 10 Castles have?____

Look at the examples below:

Try to create your own questions and answers.

Week beginning 9th January

In maths this week we have been learning about more than and less than. We used these symbols

=  same as

< > more than and less than.

We have also been learning about place value which is helping us with ordering numbers.


In science this week we have been learning about electricity and the danger of it. The dangers of electricity are: Never put water on electricity because it’s a conductor. We made some posters to help us remember the dangers around our houses.

In indoor PE this week we did dance about electricity. We learnt different ways to move around a circuit. We hopped, skipped, jumped and ran in circles, rectangles, squares and triangles

In outdoor PE we played basketball. We learnt how to dribble the ball. To do that you have to know how to bounce the ball and run to do it.

In literacy this week we have been learning about nouns and how to write an expanded noun phrase.

The white snow was zooming down like a flash.

We have been learning the story Beowulf we have been using our story map to help us with this. We also had lots of expanded nouns in the Beowulf story which we had to skim and scam to find.

Last of all we have been learning about Anglo Saxons in geography. We looked in fact books to find out questions about Anglo Saxons and how they lived.


By Ollie M and Vinnie